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"Rando-Vélo" what is it?

Carte des itinéraires... Rando-Vélo is a network of cycle routes in Wallonia, away from the main roads and connecting the various towns of Wallonia. The RV’s are marked with yellow and blue signs, use as often as possible the RAVeL (Réseau autonome des voies lentes) and connect to the Lange-afstand Fietsroutes ("LF") in Flanders and in the Netherlands as well as to some long-distance routes in Germany. The "RV" routes are described in topographical guides.

Rando-Vélo is perfect for families, tourists and bike-riders wishing to organise their cycling holiday and their long distance rides..

The birth and the statutes

On 8 June 2000, on a beautiful sunny day, the three founder members, meeting in Namur, laid the foundation of our association and decided to create the asbl "Rando-Vélo", whose first statutes were published in the annex of the "Moniteur Belge" on 5 October 2000. An update of the statutes has been ratified during the general meeting on 27 March 2004 and was published in the annex of the "Moniteur Belge" on 10 June 2004.

Excerpt from our statutes :

ART. 3 : "The objective of the association is to make known, promote, encourage and facilitate bicycle tourism. The association strives towards the fulfilment of this objective by all appropriate means and in particular by the creation and the marking out of scenic routes, by the distribution of periodicals or monographs, the distribution of topographical guides, the organization of meetings, of rallies, of group rides, the conservation of nature and of places of interest, as well as the defence of the practicability of every lane, public path, etc."

Complete text of our statutes (in French – scanned document – PDF)

Brief history.


  • 29 June : first forming general meeting
  • 5 October : publication of the first statutes in the "Moniteur Belge".


  • Adoption of the logo.
  • Printing of the first leaflet.
  • Release of the first topographical guide: RV2, Hoegaarden – Bouillon, 169 km or 183 km.
  • Opening of an Internet domain : www.randovelo.org.
  • Creation with the LF and RAVeL of a 1:250.000 IGN map
  • 20 October : second general meeting, year 2001.


  • 31 January : recognition as a tourist association by the General Touring Commission.
  • TheRV7, Bouillon – Visé, 210 km is released.


  • Printing of the RV10, Bruxelles – Namur, 82,1 km or 85,1 km.
    8 March : third general meeting, year 2002.
  • May : release of a publicity video produced by the MET (Ministry of Transport).
  • Making of a TV programme by the RTBF within the context of "Télé-tourisme".
  • Creation of the RV8a, Mont-de-l'Enclus – Namur, 205,1 km.
  • Adaptation of the statutes to the new asbl laws.
  • The Internet site is translated into Dutch, English and German.


  • 27 March : 4th general meeting, year 2003.
  • 10 June : publication of the new statutes in the annexes of the "Moniteur Belge".
  • Making of T-shirts and fluorescent jackets.
  • Release of the updated LF-RV-RAVeL IGN map.
  • Printing of the RV8b, Namur - grand-duchy of Luxembourg via Liège, 222 km.


  • 9 April : 5th general meeting, year 2004.
  • Release of the RVU, Leuven - Louvain-la-Neuve - Gembloux, 57,5 km.
  • Working out of a CD-ROM with GPS compatible RV routes.


  • Printing of the RV6, Tournai – Wiltz, via Namur, 330 km.
  • Adoption of the slogan RANDO-VELO "Get away from it all on the marked roads of Wallonia", for the new poster.
  • 25 March : 6th general meeting, year 2005. RV is 5 years old !
  • In August RV organizes a first 5 days group ride between Tournai and Wiltz, 370 km.


  • Printing of the RV1, Bruxelles - Chimay "Following the current", 125-130 km.
  • ...

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